Rider or enthusiast Finally you can choose the Custom Shop create your own bike Al 100%

  • À la carte I No Limit: your bike, as you want it

    Il “BIG T Custom Shop” è il servizio di customizzazione completa delle bici T°RED. Maybe you’re in love with titanium aracnide but Callithrix could adapt better to your way of riding a bike, or maybe you want a “top” configuration but prefer carbon aluminum wheels. For the Custom Shop these are not details but represent the substance of your “enjoyment” when you pedal on your bike T ° RED. You will be joined by a team that shares your passion for bikes, cycling and details. Nothing will be left to chance, not even the smallest of the vines.

  • PERSONAL FITTING I for all, not for just some

    Very often the most beautiful “series” Bikes are “race” bicycles designed for athletes and runners. But not everyone uses the bike as a “working tool”, much more often exasperately reduced steering heights, angles that force to demanding positions and materials that exacerbating lightness and stiffness transform into instruments of torture the “companions” of Our passion. More comfortable positions and angles, more “lenient” materials, long distance requirements do not preclude the quality of the materials and the level of your bike.

  • Racegeometry I transforms angles and materials into your winning weapons

    Sometimes, when a runner or a former professional without team commitments can finally choose his bike, seeks sensations from race, characteristics and feeling that often have missed him in important races. The sensations that the bike transfers are essential to unload all its power in a sprint without worries, to face a climb or a fast descent concentrating only on pleasure and driving performance. The Custom Shop supports the athlete in every detail, from the optimization of the geometries to the choice of components and painting.

  • SIGNATURE SERIES I The champion wanted it that way.

    Who thinks that the best bicycles are those seen on TV in the Giro d’italia or at the Tour de France maybe he has never met a professional cyclist. Who runs for work often changes teams, uses different bicycles often derived from the standard ones, sometimes with some stiffening or modification but often has to adapt to the material that the team provides in everything and for everything. And the runner is not always happy with his material. Sometimes it does not establish the right feeling, sometimes it does not find the right size, sometimes it fails to have complete confidence in the middle that uses. There are riders who experience, others who pedal on any bike. Sometimes the results are not the same but it is one of the laws of professionalism. When the runner is no longer constrained by exclusive contracts, he sometimes seeks “the perfect bike”. Not absolute but perfect for his experience, for what he has always sought and perhaps never found, for the dialogue with the manufacturer on geometries, details, materials. That’s why she was born “SIGNATURE SERIES“, a collection of bikes developed for samples of the present and the past (and we hope for the future). Alessandro Petacchi, one of the greatest Italian speedsters, Benjamin Thomas, professional in world Tour and twice track world champion, airtight Jairo, multi-sampled on track and Road, Alex Buttazzoni, 14 times Italian track champion, Paolo Aste, Ultracycler, holder of seven UMCA Records, Facundo Lezica, Olympian Jr, Pan-American champion and Argentine national team, Mattia Miraglio, Globetrotter without kilometric limits are just some of the athletes who have decided to rely on the Custom Shop to realize the own bike. As they have always wanted to run, without compromises and without obligations or conditionings. These unique bikes have become a collection available for all fans. With the customization that the Custom Shop will give to every enthusiast.

  • Handpainting I painted by hand, even the color speaks of you.

    When you choose a dress it is essential that it is to your taste, that dress to perfection, that represents your way of being and your lifestyle but first you must like it. You must like it when you look in the mirror, you must like it when others see it and you are satisfied with what you are wearing. Fabrics, finishes, colors to enhance your taste and pleasure can not be limited to the options you would count on the fingers of a hand. The CUSTOM SHOP will complement you in every aesthetic request you want to transfer on your bike. From the finishes of the material to the chromatic choices of hand painted paints also with sample colors, you can also customize the color of the components and some mechanical details to achieve a truly unique result.

    The experience in the field of research and design has made it possible to build a completely new production process. From the design and simulation virtual, laboratory and on the road of every single part of the bike T ° Red, to the proprietary system of parametric configuration of the measurements up to the construction realized by the staff T ° Red with the most modern technologies of Production but with techno-handicraft processes in which the man is the protagonist, it all contributes to enhance the passion of each cyclist with innovative, unique and tailor-made bicycles.

    A passion, a bicycle, yours.

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