Nate of the research Italian Minds & Italian Hands

  • Bianca Lab Technology and research applied to passion

    T ° RED is the first bicycle manufacturer in the world that is born from a research and development laboratory and that constantly interfaces production with innovations, developments and refinements. Experience in the fields of research, experimentation and design of Romolo Stanco, one of the innovators of AUDI, the work of experimentation on the materials, the processes, the tests in laboratory, on the road and on the track of the team of BIANCA Lab, and the integration between the Design team of T ° RED with the research staff, allows a rapidity of transfer of the idea Innovative in prototypes, preseries and production unthinkable in an industrial process.

  • Lehonard® Customized Parametric design

    Each frame is designed on the anthropometric measurements of the cyclist acquired through an Occipital® laser STRUCTURE SENSOR scanning system and verified with the proprietary LeHonard3D® software developed to parameterize the chassis geometries in Function of the cyclist’s measurements and at the same time check the characteristics of 23 points of the chassis and maintain the properties within “range” of defined performances that do not change the behaviour of the bicycle.

  • 100 made by humans, in Italy

    In T ° RED innovation technology are in the hands of humans. The design is made up of avant-garde software and instruments but under the control of a trained and competent internal staff. Every part of the production process, from CNC machining to alloys casting and drawing, from the selection of composites to lamination, from machining on pipes to weldings, from surface finishes to painting are carried out Strictly handmade by T ° RED craftsmen. When, in the case of CNC machining, the machines are subjected to accurate checks by the production staff T ° RED.

    The experience in the field of research and design has made it possible to build a completely new production process. From the design and simulation virtual, laboratory and on the road of every single part of the bike T ° Red, to the proprietary system of parametric configuration of the measurements up to the construction realized by the staff T ° Red with the most modern technologies of Production but with techno-handicraft processes in which the man is the protagonist, it all contributes to enhance the passion of each cyclist with innovative, unique and tailor-made bicycles.

    A passion, a bicycle, yours.

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